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About Laser Run


The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) is the world governing body for the core Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon. This sport has been on the Olympic Programme since 1912 following the concept of Baron Pierre de Coubertin to include a unique sport reflective of the ancient pentathlon and to have the most complete athletes. The five disciplines of Modern Pentathlon are fencing, swimming, riding, and laser shooting combined with running.

The UIPM organises every year a World Championships for senior, junior and youth athletes, as well as a World Cup Series that is made up by four events culminating in a World Cup Final. As sub-sports of Modern Pentathlon, the UIPM also organise worldwide competitions in Modern Tetrathlon (4 disciplines), Triathle (3 disciplines), Biathle (2 disciplines), Beach Modern Pentathlon and Laser Run. In addition World University Modern Pentathlon Championships and World School Biathlon are held annually.

Laser Run

A sub-sport of UIPM consisting of two separate disciplines –
Running and Shooting which constitutes the Combined Event in
Modern Pentathlon and Tetrathlon.

  • Fun and simple to organise!
  • Identifies talent for international events!
  • Helps National Federations increase membership numbers!
  • Great opportunity to expose youth to the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon
  • Teaching them the basics of Running and Shooting in real race conditions!
  • World class sport!
  • Continuous transitional races combining usually 5 hit shots and 3.2km of running!
  • Can be organised in multiple conditions:
    • Cities, Beaches, Countryside, Mountains
    • During any season
    • All kinds of participants (UIPM athletes, other sport athletes, recreational athletes, any age.)


Is it Interesting For You To Start with Laser Run?
  • Best way to learn the basics to reach Modern Pentathlon
  • Children like the combination of Running and Shooting, before learning the more technical disciplines of Swimming, Riding and Fencing!
  • Good way to motivate youth to join your National Federation!
  • Easiest way for a new National Federation to start as the logistics needed are quite basic and easy to obtain!
  • Low cost equipment (pistols and targets) exist so that the cost to start Laser Run is not an obstacle!
  • Attract sponsors for events in the middle of the crowd!


Can I Organize Laser Run Events?
  • Wherever you want!
  • Only an adequately sized area is needed for Running, and Shooting!


Does a Laser Run Event Cost?

  • Depends on what you want!
  • Laser Run needs Shooting equipment (pistols and targets) but UIPM is willing to assist in all initiatives with financial or equipment support!


can participate In LASER RUN events?

  • Basically everybody can be a Laser Runner!
  • Elite Division: For UIPM-registered athletes, from Youth E (Under 11) to Master C (60 and above)
  • Open Division: For athletes from other sport backgrounds, from Under 11 to over 40
  • Laser Run for All: For fans, spectators and families of the athletes, race all together!


So, if you are interested in organising these events, you can find information about Laser Run on the UIPM website. Or contact us at with any questions.

Come join the UIPM Sport family!

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